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About Us

Baby Mumma is owned and run from Camden NSW, by Sarah Moody – a Mum to two gorgeous little boys.

Sarah started baby wearing when her first born had severe reflux and needed to be held upright for 40 minutes after every feed. Babywearing literally saved her sanity, and it was a slippery slope into cloth nappying, Kangatraining, and ultimately the dream to run a home business that helped her bring those tools to other parents.

Larissa is mama to three (and counting) children, and started as the Adelaide consultant in 2016. An active member of her local babywearing group and a trained babywearing consultant, she is passionate about babywearing and loves helping people find the right carrier to hold their babies close. Larissa has used cloth nappies with her babies from birth and loves how good they are for both the environment and the bank account, not to mention the cute designs! Her love of MCNs has developed into a desire to use reusable products wherever possible, and she loves showing others how they can do likewise.

Stacy is our Gladstone consuItant and mum of four. She started on her MCN journey just after her 4th child was born. At that stage she had 3 children in nappies including her son who has a disability and toilet training was nowhere insight. She loves her MCN’s which have saved her so much money and has had positive benefits for her childrens health and allergies.

Our Newcastle /Hunter Region consultant is Samantha. She is a Mum to two little people. Samantha has always been interested in using cloth nappies and had planned to use terry flats until she discovered the wonderful world of MCN’s. After this she never looked back. Samantha now has a strong focus on being as environmentally friendly as possible and chooses reusable products over single use in almost every aspect of life. Since discovering the magic of baby wearing when her daughter was 6 months old Samantha has fallen more in love and only wishes she had known more when bub was first born.

Fleur is our Rockhampton Region consultant and a mum of 4 lil rascals and all of their menagerie. Fleur is a passionate baby wearer. Not only to maintain her own sanity but also as her background in psychology allows her to fully understand the amazing benefits that baby wearing has on the psychological development of her children. Fleur become a consultant to bring the products that she loves and uses locally. The quality time and money savers that she has found at Baby Mumma really needs to be shared with all the other busy mums and dads. Together we can make life just that bit easier.

Alyce is a mother of two (so far!). She brought Baby Mumma to Perth to share her love of everything babies, babywearing and breastfeeding. It’s only early days for her journey with cloth nappies, but she is working on converting to full time MCNs.

 Gail is our consultant for Canberra and Surrounds. She is Scottish and has lived in Australia for 5 years now. Gail has an 18month old son who is in cloth nappies full time and enjoys being worn and held close, she is currently pregnant and excited to start the cloth nappy and baby wearing journey all over again. Gail loves introducing our customers to MCN’s and babywearing, enjoys sharing her knowledge, helping families make the best choice and spreading her love for our products.

Baby Mumma aims to be a one stop shop for parents of small children, bringing you the tools to make your parenting journey easier, gentler and more fun.

We are here to help, and wish you all the best in your parenting journey.

Sarah. XX.

Baby Mumma, your boutique baby store. Offering natural and organic products to help you through parenthood, and beyond. We specialise in baby wearing and cloth nappies, servicing Wollongong, and posting Australia wide. ×
Modern cloth nappies have come a long way since the days of the terry towelling squares and the safety pins. These days modern cloth nappies come in a wide range of materials and styles to suit all bums and budgets and the best part is, they are simple to use, breathable, leak-proof and the care for the baby and the environment. Modern cloth nappies don’t need to be soaked, just flush and solid waste, store nappies in a securely lidded bucket until wash day. ×
Starting out in the world of Baby Wearing can be a very daunting experience, as there are so many options. Our Baby Mumma consultants can guide you through the process, and let you touch, try and learn, before making a purchase. We stock a wide range of Baby wearing options, including stretchy wraps, woven wraps, ring slings and buckle carriers. There is a baby wearing solution for every body, and every budget. ×