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  • Are you thinking of using Cloth Nappies on your little one, but not sure where to start? This package is a great way to trial a few different options, as well as setting you up with the tools that will help you get started!

    Package includes:
    Rumparooz OSFM ($34.95)
    Close Pop In OSFM ($37.95)
    Grovia Hybrid Shell ($22.95)
    Grovia Soaker Set ($15)
    Kangacare Changing Pad ($24.95)
    Planet Wise Wet/Dry Bag ($28)
    Close Pop In Cloth Wipes ($29.95)
    Seedlings Luxury Liners ($11.95)

    Product designs are randomly allocated. If you have specific preferences, please leave a note when checking out, and we will do our best to accommodate your choices with the stock we have available.

    Total Value: $205.70


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  • Get your zen on – or round up a crew for a fun time!

    This fun 4 pack of black and white design prints were made with the artist in mind…you! Transform these diapers into works of art with fabric markers. Grab a cup of coffee, take a moment for yourself, and become the artist. Great as a gift or family bonding activity!

    ** Kangacare has not tested all marker types, and takes no responsibility for damage caused by markers on nappies.


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  • The Rumparooz and Ecoposh OBV had a baby!

    …and that baby is the Rumparooz OBV! The Rumparooz OBV One Size Cloth Diaper combines the best features of the top two Kanga Care products: theRumparooz One Size Cloth Diaper and the Ecoposh OBV One Size Fitted Cloth Diaper. The Rumparooz OBV brings to you the premium plush Organic Cotton Bamboo Velour inner lining creating a plush cushion for your little one. Included is the Bamboo 6r Soaker, provides long lasting absorbency with everlasting soft comfort. These features have been combined with the waterproof TPU outer cover in luxurious saturated earth tones and the ones size adjustable front of the Rumparooz pocket diaper design to give you a bullet proof diaper that will grow with your child. From birth to potty training the Rumparooz OBV offers premium organic materials and max absorbency. Kanga Care’s patented leak protection technology of the double inner gussets to keep the messiest of messes locked in is featured in the Rumparooz OBV. This diaper is the perfect solution for daytime, nighttime, heavy wetters, eco-conscious parents or anyone who is looking for the best cloth diapering option for their little one. Rumparooz OBV is available in the 5 Earth-inspired saturations of the Ecoposh family of products: Boysenberry, Saffron, Atlanis, Caribbean and Glacier!


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  • The Rumparooz One Size Cloth Diaper Cover is designed to grow with your baby by featuring four adjustable size settings that adjust to fit your baby from newborn through potty training.

    The weight range for the One Size Cover starts at 6 pounds and will fit up to approximately 35 pounds. Designed to fit over any type of diapering system that needs a waterproof cover (e.g., fitted diapers, prefolds, and flats), covers may be wiped dry between uses and used multiple times until being placed into the laundry at the end of the day or when becoming soiled.


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  • All packs will be supplied in gender neutral colours, in a mix of velcro and snaps. If you prefer to choose you closure and your own colour selections, please add these details in the extra information at checkout.

    The Rumparooz 6 Pack contains:
    6x nappies

    The Rumparooz Part Time Pack contains:
    12x nappies
    1x roll of 100 biodegradable liners

    The Rumparooz Full Time Pack contains:
    24x nappies
    1x wet bag
    1x roll of 100 biodegradable liners.


  • – Barrier Seam Sealing
    – Color Matching YKK Zippers
    – Biodegradable TPU & Polyester
    – Dimensional Shape
    – Holds 15-18 nappies

  • Use these liners any time you find the need to use either over the counter or prescription creams when using cloth diapers. It is important that diaper creams do not come in direct contact with the inner fabric of the diaper itself. This can cause the fibers to become coated in a substance that will affect the absorbency by causing the diapers to repel moisture.


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  • The Rumparooz One Size Cloth Diaper is four diaper sizes in one diaper fitting most babies from 6 to 35+ lbs (birth to potty training). Kanga Care brand cloth diapers are uniquely designed with the patented leak protection technology of dual inner gussets to keep the messiest of messes locked in. The Rumparooz are a pocket diaper system. Each diaper comes with a set of absorbent pads called the 6r Soaker that are customizable for six absorbency settings.

    The Rumparooz are available in a multitude of vibrant color and fashion forward, highly sought after prints.

  • The Kanga Care Changing Pad is a must have for every changing station, nursery, car, diaper bag, living room, or anywhere you need to protect a surface from accident and moisture. You can even toss one in with your camping gear and guarantee yourself a dry seat no matter where you go!

    Produced in a variety of fun colors and fashionable prints, the Kanga Care Changing Pad provides a protective and padded surface wherever you may be.

  • Lil Joey’s are sold in twin packs only.

    Lil Joey, is an AIO (all in one nappy) with a sewn in soaker, no pocket. This specialty nappy was designed to fill the gap between a newborn size and other brands of one size nappies.

    The Lil Joey fits babies 1.8-5.5kgs. The Lil Joey has a snap down centre for easy umbilical care and comfort. The Lil Joey is a 2 size or “grow with me” diaper as it has shorter rise setting in the snapped down position and then higher rise settings in the unsnapped position.

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