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  • Attipas are a world first in first walker shoes! As light as a sock but more supportive than a pre-walker, these functional shoes ergonomically support toddlers’ first steps and thereafter. Attipas shoes were launched in 2011 after 7 years of research and development, and are quickly becoming the number one choice in toddler shoes! Now available in 16 styles and 6 sizes, Attipas shoes are ‘Walking Science‘.

    Attipas ‘Urban’ shoes are the latest style from the 2016 range and feature stylish monotone colours in spots and stripes! Choose from Urban Red, Yellow or Dot.

    $34.95 $10.00

    or 4 payments of $2.50 with Afterpay

  • Ditch that old plastic freeze tray that was covered in plastic cling wrap and start freezing your home made baby food in a safe and practical way. Made from 100% food grade silicone the haakaa freezer tray is perfect for freezing puree, home made baby food, breast milk and even simple old ice cubes! Being 100% silicone this handy little tray is also totally heat proof, microwave safe, dishwasher safe and free of any leaching nasties.

    With 6 compartments each holding 50ml this is the perfect tray for infants getting used to the taste of solids and freezing large batches into easy perfect size meals.

    • 100% food grade silicone.
    • Available in three sizes 125ml, 50ml, 35ml.
    • Dishwasher and microwave safe.
    • BPA, PVC and Phthalate free.
    • Keep food fresh up to 6 months.
    • Easy pop out silicone body makes removing cubes a breeze.
    $24.90 $15.00

    or 4 payments of $3.75 with Afterpay

  • $115.00$150.00
  • The Fidella Sling bag is a modern and stylish diaper bag. You can store diapers, wet naps, kids wear and other things which are needed easily inside. So, you can go on a familiy trip really relaxed. Furthermore, it offers enough space for your key, money, mobile phone, cosmetica and other important things when you are on a shopping trip or a walk.

    $60.00 $40.00

    or 4 payments of $10.00 with Afterpay

  • Baby size: Fidella Fly Tai baby carrier -special features

    • 100 % organic cotton
    • 230 g/m² surface weight
    • up to 15 kg maximum weight
    • back part adjustable between 26 cm and 36 cm
    • from birth
    • size XS (32) up to XXL (52)
    • hip belt variable between 57 cm and 190 cm
    • padded leg cut-outs for a comfortable feeling
    • shoulder ropes with total length of 200 cm

    This baby carrier fulfills the saftey standard ASTM-F 2236-13 and CEN/TR 16512-2015.

    $170.00 $135.00

    or 4 payments of $33.75 with Afterpay

  • Toddler size: Fidella Fly Tai baby carrier:

    • from 5 months on
    • resilient from 10 – 30 kg
    • individual adjustable bridge and back part
    • 100 % organic cotton
    • shoulder ropes: 200 cm length
    • very high surface weight: 280 g/m²
    • sizes 32 – 52 (XS – XXL)
    • fan out shoulder ropes
  • Features of the Fidella Fusion babycarrier with buckles

    • Can be used as front and back carrier
    • Continuously adjustable
    • Padded leg openings
    • Useable from three months
    • For babies who cannot sit up unassisted, the shoulder strap is attached to the lower back
    • For babies who sit themselves, the shoulder strap is attached to the upper back
    • Hip and shoulder straps are soft and not too thickly padded
    • Hood serves as a neck support or sun protection
    $190.00 $150.00

    or 4 payments of $37.50 with Afterpay

  • Natibaby Mandala Sunset is a design that is specially woven for Baby Mumma.

    It is 70% cotton, 30% hemp blend.

    $150.00 $90.00

    or 4 payments of $22.50 with Afterpay

  • This is a limited edition release of Milkyway in Dragonfish.

    Release date: September 2nd, 2015

    30% Linen 70% Cotton


    $240.00 $90.00

    or 4 payments of $22.50 with Afterpay

  • Riverland was the winning Baby Mumma design, as chosen by Baby Mumma followers on Facebook. Crema de Nube is a delightful cream diamond weft, that lightens the warp for a beautiful pastel wrap.

    $145.00 $90.00

    or 4 payments of $22.50 with Afterpay

  • Do not undo all your hard work by putting that healthy, homemade lunch into plastic!

    Our silicone collapsable lunch boxes are the perfect lunch box for children and adults alike. Three deep compartments allow you to pack your child’s lunch without all the nasty plastic wraps. Deep enough to hold a small apple or small banana.

    The real beauty of our lunchbox is you are able to fold it down FLAT and store away easily!

    There is also the added bonus of a separate compartment especially designed to hold cutlery! Never have to worry about stray forks and spoons ending up in the trash as they are clipped back into place.

    $29.90 $15.00

    or 4 payments of $3.75 with Afterpay

  • This 100% cotton wrap is striking in colour, and so soft straight out of the bag.
    It is on the thin side at 230g/m2, but does not lack any support!

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